Wisconsin is typically thought of for its beer, cheese and professional sports not for producing the next rapper your hypebeast homie is gonna be telling you about. My favorite Milwaukee hip hop memory is getting $8 buy one get one free Riff Raff tickets; at the show he played “How to Be The Man” at least five times. That’s all changing; if you haven’t tuned in to Milwaukee’s scene it might be time to pay attention.

Webster X, real name Sam Ahmed, has been slowly putting out solid tapes for a few years now and he just dropped a new single called Lately produced by Mic Kellogg, another Milwaukee based collaborator who’s been on some of the best earlier mixtape work from Webster (exhibit a: Cream City, a feel good jam that exudes early Chance vibes found on Webster’s 2013 project “Desperate Youth.”)

Carson Kellogg, stage name Mic Kellogg, has his finger prints all over Webster X’s tapes but his own are just as worth a listen. Kellogg dropped his first single “Breakfast” about a month ago and he just premiered “Tune Out”, his third single;  an impressively dark reflection that shows that he’s capable of being more than just a man behind the boards.

As you’d expect from the most politically and racially segregated city in the nation, the hip hop in Milwaukee is diverse. For anthems you’d expect to hear with strip dance accompaniments, look to Milwaukee’s answer to Drake and Future, Job Jetson. His album artwork almost inevitably features women in various stages of undress and his lyrics have the same but they’re undeniably smooth. His latest release “Shameless” is the final single from his upcoming project The Astral Playing EP. Look for it soon.

Maybe the most commercial sounding in the Milwaukee scene is rapper Ish Darr. His debut full length release “Old Soul Young Spirit” is still available as a free release and you shouldn’t sleep on it. With only twelve songs, it’s an ambitious first effort from a city that’s worth more then a cursory glance.

The home of the Bucks is clearly not just a place for young basketball talent to hone their craft. While it won’t be Atlanta, New York or even Houston anytime soon, Milwaukee is on the rise; stay woke.