Troy Ave disses Joey Bada$$ on new Track “BAD ASS”

Some people throw shots but it don’t matter/ ‘Cus when I throw shots, bones shatter.

An ambitious opening from Joey Bada$$’ New York compatriot Troy Ave who throws shade at the former on the recently released “BAD ASS.” The name alone let’s you know something’s up, and then the lyrical content, consisting almost solely of disses and the refrain “Nobody cares” popping up after one of Joey’s accomplishments is listed.

Overall the song as a diss is a bit of a reach when it comes to overall star power (think Drake and Meek Mill and then replace Meek with Trinidad James), but it’s a decent listen. The dark and melodic piano is a great backdrop to a basic drum beat and the production fades in and out at the right intervals to highlight Troy Ave’s flow, which is actually quite good. He hits most of the track with an intensity (and voice) reminiscent of Meek Mill, oddly enough, and switches up his flow sporadically, keeping your attention on the disses.

The beef between the two rappers has existed since the release of B4.DA.$$, Badmon’s debut album which outsold Troy Ave’s flop New York City: The Album. However, Joey openly dissed Troy Ave on his most recent single “Ready,” rapping “My nigga Kirk just outsold Troy Ave.” This is most likely what provoked Troy’s response, which, should he choose to acknowledge a lesser opponent, will hopefully lead to a fire rebuttal from the Badmon. Stay tuned at True Too for any updates and stream the song below.