True Too Summer Playlists

It’s almost June and the summer vibes are in full fruition. We compiled shiny tracks in two playlists that will enhance your summer days and allow you to look back on Summer ’16 with fond memories.

So what makes a track summer-y? Summer vibes. One of the highlights of my favorite summers was discovering “We Don’t Care” by Old Kanye West. Whenever I listen to those kids singing “Dru-ug dealin’ just to get by / Stack your money till it gets sky high,” my mind lapses into a state of warm weather euphoria. Even if you didn’t listen to College Dropout in the summer, you can at least pretend you did! It’s easy with all those glitzy synths, choral ooh’s/aah’s, etc. How about the bonafide hip-hop classic “Xxplosive?” Whenever I hear that Soul Mann & The Brothers sample, I forget the fact that I live in the frozen Canadian tundra and pretend I’m rolling down Long Beach in an Impala with Snoop Dogg. Don’t forget the jovial Social Experiment trumpets (“Wanna Be Cool”), the wavy Madlib beat (Curls), or the juvenile promiscuity of Travi$ Scott (Mamacita). All neatly placed in two wavy playlists for your ease and enjoyment!

Version #1 of the Playlist is available for streaming on Soundcloud, and the OG Version is available on Spotify. May your summer be wavier than the last!


  • DJ Khaled

You a wavy dude.

  • Max B

Even in the summertime me and lil’ shawty cuddle.

  • Young Thug

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