True Too Joins Snapchat

Whelp, we’ve done it. We decided to give in to our millennial instincts and get hip with it by joining Snapchat. My grandpa always told me to “never use that dang chat snap stuff,” but sorry gramps, today is the day where we turn ourselves over to the dark side. It only seemed like the appropriate timing as our 1 year anniversary just passed on June 9th (look mama we made it) and with our viewership ever growing, we have to grow along with you. While this may seem like a big marketing ploy for most organizations, don’t worry. Here at True Too we’re different. Here at True Too, we’re only using Snapchat purely for the sake of appearing more human and connectable to our consumer base. This way, we’ll be able to grow more loyalty and advocacy within the followers we have and the followers who happen to stop by on our site. See? This isn’t a marketing ploy.

Here are some reasons why following us on Snapchat will be a great life decision:

– You’ll get to meet our team! We have staff based all over; from Australia, Iowa, Canada, California, New York, and more. You’ll get to put a face to your favorite writers and see what work we are up to.
– Whenever we attend a live show, which is often, you’ll get to see some of the best highlights.
– During interviews with artists we can share out our time with them.
– You’ll get sneak peaks into our upcoming articles, playlists, plans, and movements!
– You can send us suggestions for articles, playlists, or your favorite songs you want featured on the site!
– Possible giveaways in the future will include Snapchat.
– A variety of weekly enjoyable Snap segments for our followers.

Basically anything and everything hip-hop related in our day to day lives as True Too staff members will be shared out for you all to see (Editor’s note: We’re also silly people so be prepared for that). All you have to do is add truetooblog on Snapchat. We see this as a way to connect with our real fans and help spread out hip-hop news in the best way possible. We want to stay true to hip-hop, and true to you.

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