True Too Premiere: MastodonRare is Doin’ his Thing

Arizona rhyme man MastodonRare has been following up last year’s Apotheosis with a slew of tracks, and now we have the honor to present to you a single off of his upcoming EP The Lights called “Doin My Thing.” Originally titled DMT, Mas changed the name to distract from the confusion of the song, because it’s about growth from a past relationship, not about the high powered drug. Basically he’s not trippin’ on you no more. You know who you are.

Produced by Elevate Today, “Doin My Thing” has the perfect sound to capture the feeling of being moved on from someone and feeling like you’re in that right place in life. It also matches up well with the upcoming Summer as Mas’ vocals along the track create that perfect singalong when you’re vibing to the freedom from your past. We’ve heard a bit of Mas singing in the past, but this is probably the most blatant effort as it’s showing his new paths onto his new sound he’s been discovering. It suits him well. The track also includes a feature from Trip Rexx, a fellow Arizona rapper. We’ve known for a while now that Mas is about keeping it in the family, and it’s a nice decision on this one as Rexx compliments him perfectly.

Said I wanna run the game, you ain’t feel the same way / Had a nigga feeling low / Now I’m better EVERYDAY

“Doin My Thing” is set to be a part of MastodonRare’s EP The Lights that is actually dropping April 7th. So not too much longer of a wait for that. This is a project that Mas is extremely proud of, and the music seems to be representing his feelings well. The five track EP will be all about the brightside of this newfound outlook on life for the young rapper. If you need a pick me-up, The Lights is probably a good bet. Take a listen to “Doin My Thing” below, check out Mastodonrare’s Soundcloud, and get ready for The Lights.

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