Tyler, The Creator asks “Who Dat Boy”

Tyler, The Creator has been tweeting out pictures of bees for a week now announcing that something is coming in x amount of days. Well, it’s finally here: a new song and video titled “Who Dat Boy,” featuring friend and former tour partner A$AP Rocky, who was also featured on his second most recent release “WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT NOW.” Many may have been anticipating a new album but this drop is by no means a disappointment.



It sounds like Tyler has returned to his eccentric, electronic roots, dropping verses with his usually gruff intensity over a sinister sounding synth loop. Rocky splits Tyler’s verse with one of his own, dropping braggadocios line after braggadocios line in classic A$AP fashion (and name dropping some designers while he’s at it as well). Tyler’s production is as good as ever, sounding like something off of his debut Goblin. However, he hasn’t completely gone back to his old ways, as there is a snippet of another song tacked on to the end of the “Who Dat Boy” video that’s like a slightly funkier “F*****G YOUNG/PERFECT,” and with the same somewhat distorted singing voice.

Tyler also dons his director alias Wolf Haley for the video, which is another Haley masterpiece. Allusions to Cherry Bomb are present, Rocky makes an appearance, we get to see the police attempt to chase down Tyler’s McLaren, and there’s even the snippet of another new song which features multiple Tyler’s vibing out; what more could you ask for. Tyler get’s to do his best Gus Fring impression as well when part of his face gets blown off, only to have a new, far creepier face surgically attached by Rocky, whose house comes equipped with a full operating room. Could the suspicious project Tyler is working on that explodes in his face be an allusion to the new album? If it is, everyone who listens is going to need to visit Rocky for some facial reconstruction as well.

This release pretty much confirms a new album is on the way thanks to the brief preview at the end of the video. If the production on the two tracks is any indicator of what to expect then old fans and new fans of Tyler rejoice because this album might be the best of both worlds. And let’s hope there’s some more WANG$AP in the near future as well, because these two have some undeniable chemistry together thanks to the bond they formed on tour. Until more news comes our way check out the new video and track below and stay tuned to True Too for all of your hip hop needs.

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