Video of the Day: Mac Miller Dances On Some Beach in “Stay”

Mac Miller’s latest album, The Divine Feminine, was released mid-September of this past year. The album, which features smooth cuts like “Dang!” and “Skin”, is a very velvety album with a ton of lush jazz production.

You may expect that for his latest video, he might have included some colorful imagery, such as him and Ariana Grande cuddling amongst some velvety pink pillows or galloping through a field of vibrant flowers.

Well on “Stay”, we get Mac Miller on a beach. This isn’t a glamorous beach with soft sand and blue waves either. This beach looks rather cold and grim. In fact, Mac is wearing a puffy vest that looks suitable for November in Pittsburgh. He’s also kind of just, dancing and rapping by himself despite asking the subject of his song to “Stay just a little while, baby.”

Ariana – who provides delightful backing vocals to the song – is nowhere to be found. In fact, there is little sign of civilization other than a smokestack that appears in the distance at around the 4 minute mark. It stands in stark contrast to the bright video that was “Dang!”, which was released back in August.


Check out the video for “Stay”, and stream The Divine Feminine below:


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