Video: New Kendrick Lamar “For Free? (Interlude)”

Kendrick Lamar has just released the video to the second song on To Pimp A Butterfly titled “For Free? (Interlude)” on twitter. The video for “Alright,” dropped a few weeks ago and set the world on fire. If it doesn’t win a VMA award, I honestly think Kendrick stan’s will literally set the world on fire.

For Free? (Interlude)” is one of the deepest tracks on the album, sporting a heavy jazz infused theme, the rap x skit hybrid definitely deserved an awesome video. The upbeat background coupled with Kdot’s quick spoken-word flow make for an interesting interlude on the jazz-rooted album.

Directors Joe Weil & The Little Homies do the track justice; employing a full band, choir and Kendrick Lamar wearing multiple costumes. Don’t let the costumes fool you though, Kendrick is the only rapper who can use rapid-fire delivery to this extent.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!