Video Of The Day: Loyle Carner – Cantona

Loyle Carner pays homage to his step-dad Steven Vengeance with “Cantona.” Carner’s lyrical prowess is elevated by the smooth, jazzy beat by young up-and-comer Alex Burey. Behind the incredible wordplay and complex rhyme schemes lies a vulnerable teenager who is trying to come to terms with the loss of his dad.

The song is named after legendary Manchester footballer Eric Cantona because

he was my dad’s hero, and the way he looked up to him was the way I looked up to my dad. It made sense to pay homage like that. Cantona’s a king at being sick. He’s the biggest G.

Loyle Carner Via an interview with NME

Video Directed by Loyle Carner & Katia Ganfield.

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