View – A Finnish Rapper – Exclusive Interview

View - Image via Miika Laihi
View - Image via Miika Laihi

View is labelled as one of the hottest rising Hip Hop talents coming out of Finland in the last few years. Now I know what most of you are thinking, “Finland has rappers?” In all fairness, that was also my initial thought when I first came across his unique hypnotic sound. Now I’m sitting here wishing someone put me onto Finnish Hip-Hop and in specific, View’s music earlier.

Born Juuso Ruohonen – View is a 23-year-old rapper hailing from Helsinki. He has been making waves in his homeland since Avalon‘s January release. It was the first single from the EP Avalon which was released on October 2nd.

Hypnotic and dark. That would be the best way to describe View’s sound. For a Finnish rapper, he has an advanced control of the English language and a flow which is very reminiscent of Grammy Award-winning Seattle rapper Macklemore. View’s strength is in his story-telling ability which is evident in “Lace,” a tale of depression and survival.

The video is all about strong emotions and the lead character’s dark side. It’s also about introspection and handling despair, that later on leads to finding yourself and creating one’s self-image. Divided into two different parts, the first focuses on creating and building the narrative that will lead to the end’s climax point, whilst the second focuses on the themes touched on by “Lace” – View

To accompany the release of the video we got a chance to chat a little with View and get some valuable insight into the mind of the 23-year-old Finnish artist.

1. Where did the name View originate from?
– When I was 14 years old I heard a song called Priceless Few from Nieve & Cook. I instantly fell in love with it. There was this one line that hit me- “My eyelids are like window wipers / my eyes are nothing more but two windows with the nicest view.”
At that time I thought it was the best line I have ever heard and that’s how I created my artist name View.

2. What kind of sound are you aiming to create? Who are your influences musically?
– We don’t really have any sound limits. Music is such a large concept that we are going to create lots of different sounds. At the moment I think our sound is very bass heavy and minimalistic.
We get our inspiration from many different artists, e.g. Lapalux and Drake to name a few.

3. Tell me more about Finland Hip-Hop. What is the culture and scene like? How did you get into the genre?
– The Finnish hip-hop scene is really small. Everyone knows each other. I have been working with many Finnish hip- hop producers since I was 17 years old. Simply all of them just heard my demos and wanted to make music with me.
I think that Finnish hip-hop culture is alive and doing well. We just need to get it out to other countries.

4. What are you trying to achieve with your music?
– Actually I think that I`m not trying to achieve anything. I do music because I love doing it. All the attention and hype that comes with it is just [a] bonus!

5. I’ll be completely honest, your track Lace was the first time that I have ever heard Hip Hop music coming out of Finland and I was extremely impressed! I really dig the sound. I think a lot of people are unaware of the talent over there, just like I was. Why do you think that is?
– I think that Finnish hip-hop artists should focus more on bringing the music out from Finland to foreign countries. [A] good example is Noah Kin, who is doing gigs more abroad than in Finland. Actually we are pretty much aiming for that same thing.


My conversation with View broadened my horizons and pushed me to explore more types foreign Hip-Hop. Look outside your borders and you might find your next favorite rapper in a seemingly obscure part of the world, like Finland! View’s Avalon EP has snuck into my current rotation playlists and I’m hoping to keep on adding new View music to my collection.

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Watch the newly released official video for “Lace” below.

Stream Avalon EP below.

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