Vote For Ty Dolla $ign

Being in the midst of one of the most publicized and heated elections since Bush and Gore has gotten a lot of people talking politics. Even rappers. Ty Dolla $ign has taken it upon himself to release a banger called “Campaign” featuring none other than Future. In the artwork for the track, Ty is standing up in a convertible that dons two American flags on the hood. Now Ty isn’t really making a political statement with this track. He’s adopting the trend by rapping about his money campaign and lifestyle. That cash flow. Girls every night. Feeling turnt. The real rapper luxuries in life.

“Campaign” has a grimy-swag feel from Future being a perfect compliment to Ty’s rapper/sanger style. Fulfilling the grime, both artists utilize their raspy voices to complement the grounded, dirty instrumental. While it’s hard to relate to doing all these numbers and “copping a Porsche,” the core of the song does its job. Ty and Future make us believe that we too, live vicariously through our favorite rappers. Envision Ty rolling through a small town parade in said Porsche with the top down, announcing his run for mayor and stealing hearts of the community. If Hillary Clinton was smart, she’d make her entrance to “Campaign” at her next speech to solidify the millennial vote. LISTEN TO THE KIDS, HILLARY.

Kickin’ bitches out like Barcelona / Shout out Messi

“Campaign” earns the certified banger stamp of approval from True Too and is another track to throw on the Summer ’16 smash list. It’s hard not to throw it in that conversation when the track gives us one of Future’s best efforts in a while, so shout out to Ty for bringing together what could possibly be a super-duo. “Campaign” is available for streaming on Spotify and for download on iTunes. Peep it below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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