Waka Flocka Flame Interview – The Breakfast Club

Waka Flocka Flame isn’t the same guy you are picturing in your mind. He isn’t the Waka that was arrested for drugs and weapon charges, and he isn’t the Waka who had a rumored sex tape. This is a man that is on a greater mission, whether it be running for president, or dropping knowledge on the younger generation.

Although at a glance it may be hard to envision, at times you can see the maturity in Waka’s words. In the 34-minute interview with Power 105.1, he delved into topics ranging from his relationship with Gucci Mane,  to even American politics.

He had especially strong views for Donald Trump and his presidential goals.

I ain’t got nothing against him, Donald Trump is Donald Trump, but as a person, as a citizen, and as a human being, do I want to put a man in power that’s money hungry or he’s striving for people? Is your passion for people or is your passion for money? That man passion is for money and he ain’t wrong for that. He the best marketing man in America and he ain’t wrong for that. So you think he ain’t gonna market a campaign? That’s a walk in the park, man. If you’re not for the people, why should you be president?

In April he revealed his intention of running for President, even releasing a campaign video.

“The first thing I’ma do when I get in office,” he says in his campaign announcement video, “is legalize marijuana”

I’m glad Waka has the most important things in mind. The artist then continues to talk about other issues like societal issues, the breakdown of what a traditional relationship is, who he listens to nowadays (naming some new guys in Rae Sremmurd, Travi$ Scott and Fetty Wap), religion, and even his view on the Bruce Jenner situation and the transgender community.

Check out the interview and be enlightened by the person who you least expected.

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