Don’t Sleep On Reid The Martian

Kansas City rapper Reid The Martian wants you to stay up all night on his new album Excuses Not To Sleep. His father played drums for Davy Jones of the popular rock band the Monkees and at the young age of 24, it’s apparent that music is embedded deep in Reid’ s blood. His parents gave him his first drum set when he was only three years old and by the time he was five, Reid was singing and acting in musicals and plays in his hometown. The first production he performed in was when he was a member of the choir for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Talk about a hip-hop origins story.

Excuses Not To Sleep runs for 10 tracks and lasts just under 30 minutes. With his wild background, Reid’s musical tastes and influences are utterly transparent as they burst through the seams of the project.

The opening track “Distractions” sounds like Reid rolled out with his own personal high school or collegiate band to take center stage on the football field right before the big game. While the song may be simple and short, Reid makes it come off bigger than ever. The transition from “Distractions” to “Hideaway” juxtaposes the former. “Hideaway” sounds like an old video game and what being abducted by a spaceship feels like. A factor to definitely account for on Excuses Not To Sleep is that the sound never becomes stagnant or boring. Reid keeps every track diverse and exciting, never allowing the listener to know what is going to come next. This is quite impressive for the young artist as Reid wrote and produced every track himself, all instruments played with his own hands with the exception of trumpet. Reid took total control with his project and showcases his abilities in the best way possible.

The most popular song on the project (it has 6,465 more plays than the second most) sits right in the middle at track five and is titled “The Other Side.” It’s like Reid is right back with the choir singing about Joseph and his fly ass jacket (That’s how the play goes right?). With his experience from being in a rock band during college, it’s easy to hear Reid’s rocker roots on this one. The track holds a tantalizing hook that is impossible to not vibe on.

Check the track below:

Let it go / Let it fly / I’ll see you on the other side

Reid sings, raps, jams, and does it all on the project. His flow sounds a lot like Logic, which is a pretty good name to have floating around when discussing similarities. While this is an obvious (but good) comparison, Reid socially remains an individual. This is proceeding from a bar heavy “Purpose” to a wild mix of ska-rap on “Take Care,” which heavily competes with “The Other Side” for the best track. It’s clear that Reid knows how to appeal to a wide audience and isn’t focused on just one angle. If there ever was a potential for a breakthrough to the mainstream, Reid has it.

Excuses Not To Sleep
is well put together. The biggest issue is that some of the tracks are too short. It leaves me wanting more from Reid, which is an overall compliment to wanting to hear more from the Kansas City Rapper. Though even his shorter tracks come off bigger than they may seem. The artistry is off the charts on this project and one can only share applause for an artist who dives in all the way to create something unique.

Take a listen to Excuses Not To Sleep below and be sure to keep an eye out for this up-and-comer. Reid The Martian is definitely not an artist to sleep on.

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