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If you’re reading this then you are maybe a fan of True Too, but more importantly a fan of hip-hop, which is exactly what we share in common with all you readers. The True Too Staff is a group of passionate people who love all forms of hip-hop music and what it does for the world. To be honest, we probably get too hyped up about it at times. Luckily for those type of fans, True Too is looking to welcome some more talent into our wild family for the new year.

If you find yourself gushing over the latest albums and songs, randomly writing a thousand words on Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain,” or maybe are interested in interviewing arists like G-Eazy or Saba, then you’re definitely the type of person we want on board. True Too is spread out all over the globe, from Australia, Canada, California, DC, and even more. So no matter where you are from, we are open to you. The more people we have in different locations, the more opportunities we have for finding new music and creating reach. Our diversity as a staff is something we pride ourselves on, so we always want you to express your individuality (because you’re probably pretty dope if you want to join us).

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We are currently seeking positions for writers, editors, and designers. Say you’re a journalism/English/design student looking to get some published works or some more experience… Yeah, we want you! I know, I know; “True Too, but what if I’m not a student and just love hip-hop?” We want you too! True Too is for the people and by the people. The people being us fans. This allows us to get real and honest viewpoints on what’s happening in the industry. While it might be unpaid, since last year our viewership has grown immensely and your work can be seen by 50,000 viewers a month, a number that is still growing. Of course, we are striving to one day make the cash start flowing for this little operation which is why we need those who are willing to be a part of something from the ground up; but money is never the main focus here, the music is.

If interested in any of the following positions just follow these simple steps:

1. Send an email to truetooblog@gmail.com with the subject line relating to “application,” “applying for ___,” or “Future True Too-er,” you know, things like that.

2. In the e-mail we’d like to know what you’re applying for (not limited to just one position), along with your name, age, and location. Then please share a little bio about you to let us get a feel for who you are and your experience. Not a whole life story, just the juicy parts.

3. Please attach some of your previous works, whether they be designs or illustrations, video/photography work, personal blog posts, etc. Don’t have any? Make some up. Write something you think would be interesting, make a cover image that catches our eye. You could even make a whole song if you wanted.

If True Too seems like something you’d want to do, or you have a friend who is a die-hard hip-hop head, we hope to hear from you all soon.

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