Watch: Get Away – The Internet

Photo Via Gapersblock

Today, the neo-jazz/soul group The Internet dropped a new video for their track “Get Away.” This was the first track on their last album Ego Death, which dropped earlier this year. This is the second video released for the album, the first being for the single “Girl” (Feat. Kaytranada).

But I’m still driving around in my old whip
Still living at home, got issues with my new chick

“Get Away” is a darker track. The beat is clamors with distortion and is bass heavy, giving it this intoxicating feel. Lyrically, Syd talks about how she needs to get away from her troubles in life; whether it be her girl, her job, or just money troubles. She does this by lighting an “L” and “going to space.”

Watch the video below:

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