Watch: Taylor Bennett Feat. Brill – Happy Place

Photo Via Fakeshore Drive

Imagine being the younger brother to rap’s golden child; the constant comparisons, struggling to find your own identity, it would be easy to fall into the background. Taylor Bennett lives this life, being Chance the Rapper’s younger brother while still being his own artist with his own style. Bennett continues to create content and it’s evident from putting out a handful of mixtapes, with an addition to a new album on the way. Continuing to strive for the spotlight, Taylor just released a new video for the track “Happy Place” off of the forthcoming album Broadshoulders set to release at the end of November.

The video showcases Bennett’s happy-go-lucky personality as he is at a party with his homies. The video really embodies the name “Happy Place” as it shows Bennett and company in their happy place, having a good time with good music and good people.

Watch the video below, and make sure to cop Broadshoulders at the end of the month.

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