Watch: Tyler, the Creator – BUFFALO/FIND YOUR WINGS

Photo Via NME

Tonight, Tyler, the Creator decided to grace fans with a brand new video. The video comes in two parts: the first part being for the song “BUFFALO” and the second being for the song “FIND YOUR WINGS.” Both songs are off of Tyler’s latest album, Cherry Bomb, which dropped in April. This is the second video for Cherry Bomb, the first one which featured his two singles “FUCKING YOUNG” and “DEATHCAMP.”

The “BUFFALO” part of the video features a white-faced Tyler being lynched with an angry mob of black people around him. Tyler breaks the branch that he is hanging on and walks over to a podium, clearing his face of the white make-up. Tyler then proceeds to ask the crowd in front of the podium, “How many leaders in the house?” The video then cuts out, showing a brief still from his video “She,” and finally shows Tyler and his “band” in an old school variety show setting. This is when the “FIND YOUR WINGS” portion of the video takes place as the band performs the song.

Watch the video below: