Wax Freestyles to Promote Livin’ Foul

Watch Wax‘s freestyle off HipHopDX promoting his new album, Livin’ Foul. Topics during his freestyle range from making your girlfriend cum by electrocution to shark miscarriages.


Wax is an LA-based rapper notoriously known for his freestyles, blue-collar rap, wittiness, and humor that remains intertwined within every aspect of his career. Signed by Def Jam Records in 2011, Wax first started getting serious on YouTube and soon found himself working with his brother, HerbalT, in addition to Dumbfounded, Watsky, and others around the area.

Wax also goes on to talk about making money off of Youtube, his opinions on the music industry and Kanye West, and the common, competitive lifestyle for a rapper. He says that “when you’re 21 and you’re rapping, you always brag about being hungry. And then you get into your thirties and you’re like, ‘I kinda wanna just be full. I kinda wanna be content.'”

I don’t wanna feel like every day is chasing some shit in the future. I wanna live every day.

His latest album, Livin’ Foul, just released today on iTunes, is also a part of his Rough Night Recovery Kit, which comes with a T-shirt, sunglasses, a mug, rolling papers, and a signed physical copy of the album. We’d review the package deal that you can purchase for fifty bucks, but it seems like somebody already has that covered.

For more on Wax, check out his recorded concert, his YouTube channel, and his podcast, which as of late, consists of 99 episodes.