We Got it From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service is a Well Timed Gift

After a long hiatus from creating new music, and overcoming the tragic passing of Phife Dawg, legendary rap pioneers A Tribe Called Quest have finally released a brand new full length album. We Got it From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service is the groups latest and greatest, featuring new material from all of the original members. This includes the late Phife, who, according to Q-Tip, already had begun recording verses for this particular album prior to his passing. This means what we’re listening to is a complete, thematic work, not some collection of songs with posthumous verses intended to capitalize on nostalgia. Of course, this is no surprise as that would completely go against everything that ATCQ stands for.

ATCQ presence in the music scene is also greatly felt on this album and is made apparent by guest appearances from fellow emcees Andre 3000Kendrick Lamar, and of course long time friend Busta Rhymes. They even managed to grab the likes of Jack White and Elton John, two musical luminaries in their own right. Perhaps an even bigger contribution to the album, however, is the return of original member Jarobi White who left the group after their first album for other pursuits. It’s clear that ATCQ pulled out all the stops to give longtime fans the album they have been waiting eighteen years for.

It’s important to sit back and take in just how amazing it is that ATCQ has reunited for one last album. These are the guys that paved the way for everything we know as hip-hop today, as made apparent by the show-out at Phife’s memorial. Just like their many releases before, ATCQ has given us another musical gift that fans old and new are sure to cherish, especially in such a politically and emotionally charged time. If there was one thing the world needed after this hectic week, it was new Tribe, and we sure are glad that that’s exactly what we’ve received. Make sure you check out the album and stay tuned to True Too for all of your hip-hop needs.

You can stream the new album below on Spotify: