What BX Brought: A Farewell to Pumpkin Head

With conditions yet to be released, a long-loved veteran prominently known in the underground and battle rap scene passed on July 9th, 2015. Pumpkin Head, later known as P.H. grew up in the East coast with other Brooklyn Hip-hop artists and soon after collaborated with names like Immortal Technique, Doug E. Fresh, and Jean Grae. When I first heard of him he was on Immortal Technique’s Revolutionary Vol. 1, soon after the familiar voice appeared on Grindtime, a US battle rap scene with videos you can still view on Youtube.

PH’s lyricism had that classic viciousness the East Coast was known for without sacrificing any enunciation. Backed behind smooth beats, listening to Orange Moon over Brooklyn  overwhelmed me with strong sentimental feelings. He was only 39. Battling was in his heart, as even off battling you could hear his punchlines resound through the songs that he made.

If you’ve just found out and are shocked, we’ve been blessed to have someone move the culture as much as he has. If you’ve never heard of him, we’ve been blessed that his influence and music will remain for everyone to listen to.