What is 16 In The Clip?

16 In The Clip
16 In The Clip

Recently Colorado has been more in the national spotlight and people are now starting to recognize all of the talent and versatility it has. Using this momentum and a deep background in hip-hop, two local artists have put together a cypher series called 16 In The Clip, which is designed to display the diversity of talents in the Centennial State. To learn a little more about the series and its’ origins, I sat down with Co-founders, Joey Trust and Macadoe for an in-depth interview on how it all got started.


The inspiration behind 16 In the Clip stems from when Joey Trust and Macadoe of MaCaATIC Crew came together in hopes of shaking up the local hip-hop scene. “The purpose was, to create that new standard. To ultimately uphold emcee’s to taking their time with their craft and guys that are serious” says Macadoe. He feels like it’s their journalistic obligation (him and Joey trust are both videographers) to go to these underground spots and find the dopest emcee’s, bring them out from the underground and put them in front these iconic locations to help represent Colorado proudly.When speaking on the origins of the idea and its’ name, Joey Trust says “At least for me, it’s a way to pay homage to someone who came before me, and that’s of course, Nate Dogg. 16 in the clip was a lyric he had in the song “Regulate”.” In terms of requirements, 16 In The Clip is open to anyone that is passionate about their craft but there are a few basic requirements that every artist must have. Artists pay the $20 registration fee, which covers all production, post production, and a photo shoot afterward which you’re encouraged to use to promote your episode via any social media. Speaking on a few more requirements, Joey Trust says,

We expect our artists to bring A) all original, B)non-recycled, and C)16 bars exactly.

For requirement number two, the duo expect artists to be ready and willing to promote themselves or their own brand. Every episode is divided into two pieces, a performance piece and then a promotional plug where they can essentially plug anything they want. This is not time constrained so they can say whatever they want for as long as they want.

In terms of the crew that make 16 In The Clip possible, Joey and Macadoe have enlisted a couple of friends to help out. The team consists of four people; Joey functions as editor and does all of the post production while Macadoe functions as the premiere Cameraman, and both of them act as talent and location scouts. Tessa Lynar functions as the Social Media Advisor, and she also acts as a photo editor for the project. The last member of the team is Omar G, who acts as the field support for the team and assists with an extra hand while Joey and Macadoe are both filming.
This season has featured the likes of Joey Trust, Dave Dukes, Black Thai, B-Stoopyd, Frank G, CP, Kers 10, Diabetic, and Manic G. One of the reasons this platform was created was to showcase a better image for Colorado hip-hop, one thing Joey Trust felt the state was lacking. “My issue with it though, all ego aside, was that I felt like I was spitting the illest 16’s out of the previous cypher seasons I was involved in.” In terms of the future and the ultimate goal, he says,

I wanted to be able to say, and using 16 In The Clip as evidence, no hip-hop is not dead, it’s alive and well in unexpected places like Colorado Springs.


With one episode airing per week, this season has featured eight local artists so far, and will eventually end with episode sixteen. “We filmed pretty much all of season 1 thus far and we have a really exciting finale, the 16th episode for the season, ” says Macadoe. Make sure you stay tuned for the rest of the season and check out all that Colorado has to offer. For any information regarding how to contact the show, you can follow or subscribe on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat. You can also contact Co-founders, Joey Trust and Macadoe directly via facebook, twitter, or email. It’s time the Colorado hip-hop scene gets the recognition it deserves but 16 In The Clip is one step toward making that happen.

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