Is Post Malone’s “White Iverson” The Best Song In Modern Rap?

White Iverson

Saying this “new breed” rappers’ first big single is the best song in all of modern rap is a little bit of a stretch but Post Malone’s “White Iverson” is a brilliant piece of art. With an entrancing beat, beautiful vocals, and relatability, this song perfectly highlights the best characteristics of hip hop in the recent years.

Even before the music starts it is a very typical new age artist story. At 18 years old Post moved to L.A. After meeting some people he eventually connected with Atlanta based producer FKi.  Now best friends, Post and FKi came up with the beat for his first single “White Iverson”. Four months later this track has over 10 million plays on his SoundCloud and he has over 31,000 followers on twitter. After this sudden overnight success due to the internet, soon to be 20 year old Malone is now a star.

The song leads in with a soft soothing instrumental and Post’s vocals sounding like he is underwater. We are then brought into the chorus which has tradition trap snares in the background. Soon after the intro, a piano and more drums are added which build on the harmony. The beat basically stays this way throughout the whole track. Other than the drums coming in and out through the song it is a constant 4 minute hypnotizing experience.

Post tells us his new position in hip hop within the first six words “I’m the new breed”. Even though this song doesn’t have a deep bass and hard hitting drums, most people would consider it rap music. Similar to new artists like Raury, Malone uses the Post-Modernist Drake approach and capitalizes on his beautiful singing voice and melodic rhymes to guide us through the song. While this sounds nothing like what the founders of the genre created, Malone is able to build on top of that by appealing to a whole generation.

This track is extremely relatable to modern American culture.  The song gives praise to NBA great Allan Iverson who is a very common name amongst basketball greats. With slang words like saucing, swaging and balling this song starts off being an anthem to the new age. The song also contains the line “I got with some white girls and they loving the Coca, like they OT”. This is obviously a reference to O.T. Genasis’s 2014 smash hit “CoCo”. The song was also used to make a lot of hilarious vines:


It has been about two months since I first heard the track, I have found myself unable to stay away from it for more than a few days. This song is truly incredible due to its versatility and combination of various styles. There are hints of trap rap, R&B and pop. This track can be blasted in the whip, used to seduce someone or played at parties.

Post now has only six songs on his soundcloud and has yet to announce any major project. It seems like he is just enjoying the fame now. He has a lot of people talking about him now so it will be interesting to see his growth. He remains unsigned but there is a rumor he is in talks with Drake and his label OVO Sound. In my opinion, I think he would fit perfectly with I Love Makonnen and Party Next Door.  With his stereotypical coming into fame story, cultural relatability and versatility Post Malone’s “White Iverson” might be the best song in modern rap. This track is a beautiful combination of every characteristic of modern rap from the unusual MC to the catchy chorus.

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