Ariana Grande & Mac Miller Are Perfect

Love. That burning feeling. Those butterflies in your stomach. The selfies. It’s something we all seek. We sometimes want it so bad we begin living vicariously through celebrity couples’ lives. Most of those celebrity relationships end up being toxic; breaking millions of onlooking normy(non-celebrity, normal people) hearts. When things work out though, it’s absolutely incredible. Just to even be mentioned in the same breath as the top couples can be life changing. Just ask Kevin Federline.

There’s one celebrity couple on the rise right now that is nothing less than perfect: Ariana Grande and Mac Miller. Many viewers just got to relish in their holy coupleness during the 2016 VMA’s (an event we wish could be erased from television history) as it appeared they were finally making their romance official. Before you go jumping on the Ari and Mac bandwagon, let me make one thing clear: These two are perfect for each other. Not just because of their status as a music power couple. But the fact that when they work together they bring out some of the best music in each other.
Let’s refresh that memory:

“The Way” is the best pop-rap smash I have heard since the days of when Ja Rule and Ashanti ruled the charts. The video shows what would have won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards; an even more powerful smooch than when Twilight reigned king of the distinguished award. But sadly it turned out these two weren’t dating. Why would they do that to us? You created an absolute masterpiece together and now you’re ripping out our hearts? It made no sense. They had to be lying to themselves because the chemistry in the video is absolutely off of the charts. If you don’t know what love is, then just rewatch that video for a prime example.

Let’s break said chemistry down:

  • The playfulness they share is cuter than two baby polar bears licking a chocolate ice cream cone. Mac taking polaroids of Ariana while she effortlessly poses for him? Blush worthy.
  • Cuddling in a sea of balloons together? Wow. When’s the last time you saw Kim and Kanye do that?
  • She gave Mac two verses on the track. The OPENER and CLOSER. This shows a trust beyond just friendship.
  • Ari wears these cute good girl dresses while Mac rocks the dopest sweaters known to man. 10 out of 10 for being an aesthetically appealing couple.
  • When Mac jumps on the bed and mouths “Qu-question” and Ariana just looks up at him and smiles, admiring his humor and goofiness. What a guy.



  • Mac “joking” around and aiming the camera towards Ariana’s goodies and all she does is keep her eyes locked on him in a look that screams “Man I love this idiot.”
  • Then of course, the kiss. No, not the dreamy full on lip lock that makes our hearts melt. The one after that. The subtle but strong peck Mac lays on Ariana’s nose. Nose kisses reveal all true feelings.


Mac was even so high on the Today Show once that he fucked up the lyrics during a performance of “The Way” while smoothly dropping in a “Thank you Based God,” making Ariana giggle on stage. She reacted in a way only a supportive and loving girlfriend would. Mac then runs back on stage for his second verse where the fire between the two proceeded to melt Al Roker’s glasses off. Mac once again sneaks off stage only to run back and initiate a quick slow dance, bringing out more of Ari’s signature giggles. #goals

“The Way” isn’t the only time Mac and Ariana seemingly came together as a finely tuned love machine; it was just the beautiful beginning. Recently, Mac jumped on the remix of Ariana’s “Into You” that sounds like a lush electro-disco ballad before Mac promptly breaks it down for us. And just look at those two in the cover art. Probably taking a picture to capture their fun late night beach walk where Mac bought Ari some cotton candy.

If you thought that was the last of their amazing duos, you’re sadly mistaken. Imagine this:

It’s December 24th, 2012, at around 7:12 pm. Ariana lays on the living room floor with the fire mightily crackling while wearing her infamous mouse/bear onesie. A delicious smell wafts into the room. Mac hurries in from the kitchen with a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, so fresh that they are still a little soft and gooey. In the other hand is a nice tall glass of whole milk. He happens to be wearing a giraffe onesie. Mac hurriedly sits down right next to Ari, placing the Christmas Eve snack in between them.

Ari: You made these by yourself??
Mac: Damn straight boo. Wiz taught me how back in Pittsburgh.
They both share a laugh. But one of those laughs that only wealthy couples in love can share. Big white flakes begin to fall against the window.
Ari: *gasping at the window* Mac it’s snowing!
Mac: Looks like we’ll have a white Christmas after all.
Close up on Ariana as she turns back to Mac with a smirk. Mac proceeds to pick up a cookie and feed her a little bite.
Mac: Let’s go to the studio.
In a flash they begin heading downstairs to the studio, running fast down the steps as Ariana is trailing behind and holding Mac’s hand. All while still in their onesies.
Ari: “Why Malcolm McCormick, I didn’t know you could be so freaky.”

And that’s exactly how this next track was born. Under his moniker Larry Lovestein, Mac and Ariana teamed up and created a beautiful version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Listen for yourself below:

They’ve even debuted said perfect love all over Snapchat:

A couple that foods together, wins together.

A couple that foods together, wins together.

This might be the big moment we’ve (I’ve) been waiting for. A musical power couple ready to snatch the throne. Mac won’t have anymore of these sad “Missed Calls.” Ariana won’t have to date Big Sean again. From friends to collaborators, to now lovers. The pair even just debuted another track off of Mac’s The Divine Feminine that came out September 16th, called “My Favorite Part.” I wouldn’t be surprised if they sang this to each other at their Hawaiian wedding one day. Why? Because they are perfect.

Yeah, I said it. Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are perfect. Eat your heart out Jay Z and Beyonce. We ain’t drinking lemonade no more.

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