Celebrating Women In Hip Hop Playlist

Hip hop would not be where it is right now without women. Whether it was Salt-N-Pepa earning the first all-female Platinum hip hop record, Missy Elliot stealing the show at Superbowl 49’s halftime, or Noname dropping arguably the album of the year so far, hip hop needs its female perspective to thrive.

As unfortunate as it is, hip hop culture is still largely synonymous with misogyny and anti-feminine sentiments.

We here at True Too love the women in our lives and want to do our best to reverse this stigma in the culture. In our small tribute to the absurdly talented women that have changed the face of hip hop music, we compiled a playlist encompassing a few of the many tracks that females MCs have delighted us with over the years.

This playlist is by no means all-encompassing. Rather, we strived to include a wide variety of tracks spread across the timeline of hip hop’s existence in an effort to commend a diverse group of women artists. These include Ms. Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte, Rapsody, Eve, and several more.

Listen to the playlist below, and for all other things hip hop, keep reading on at True Too.

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