Youth sensation Young Lyric flexes on single for upcoming EP

The age of the internet has skyrocketed the occurnece for the phenomenon of overnight fame. Going viral in 2017 is the new American dream, and for Young Lyric, it gave her a platform to launch a career as a rapper at the young age of ten. Six years have passed since Lyric released a video freestyling over Young Jeezy’sLose My Mind,” but her overnight fame has endured. The young Houston rapper’s YouTube page already has over 30 million views and 125 thousand subscribers. She has performed alongside the likes of Lil’ Wayne and Travis $cott, and even balled with Drake at the OVO Celebrity All-Star Game. Her accolades make any other 16-year olds trophy collection seem miniscule and she doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Young Lyric (left), and DJ XO (right)

Her newest single “Run It Up” is the first off her EP BossMoves, which is expected for release in January of 2017. The track features a whirring synth line that presents itself for the chorus and throughout. The song also features the “aw” sound effect (first heard on the Roland M-DC1) that has been popularized by producers such as Zaytoven and Metro Boomin. The most appealing detail of the instrumental, however, is the piano sequence that leads off the song, which is reminiscent of Future’s “Colossal.”

As for the rapping, Young Lyric raps with the exuberance and confidence of a veteran MC. Her ability to switch flows rather effortlessly is remarkable for an artist of her age. Unfortunately the retreading of similar content matter over a brief period of time doesn’t allow for her to fully show off her true capabilities. Half of the song is shared with DJ XO, who although does make a pretty appearance, sounds like a replica of Travis $cott.

“Run It Up” mimics production qualities of a Zaytoven beat with a feature who mimicks a style of Travis $cott. The most original quality of this song is Young Lyric herself, who provides another example of her gleaming potential.
Grade: B

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