Have a Taste of Zip K’s Rotten Peaches

“I don’t give a fuck about your friends” is the first thing Zip K wails on Rotten Peaches, presenting five songs by a hybrid of artists like Drake, Future, and Kenny Rogers-making for one of the most entertaining underground listens as of late. “Let these five songs represent my mistakes, lessons learned, and why I haven’t found ‘her’.” Whoever she may be, it might be best if she stays off K’s radar for a bit longer to provoke more great music. We’re proud to premiere the latest release from the Decatur based MC today exclusively on TrueToo.

Regarding the intro, “About Your Friends” is probably the realest way to start a project about troubled love. With raw delivery, the production on ISM’s part is equally tough with the song being a desperate middle finger to people who are genuinely getting in the way of K’s feelings.

“Runaway” not only shows K finding his inner Future, but also signifies the general shift towards a moodier and moodier project. The final two songs, “I Know” and “Betty” both have singing and although there are obvious influences on this project, none are overpowering to the point of losing the Zip K sound. These tracks are unique enough to truly signify a major shift in the trap-soul movement that has been blueprinted by many artists in the recent years.

Rotten Peaches is a project about balance. Balance in ignorance and sincerity through the lyrics, balance between hard and soft in the instrumentals;  Zip K is sure to be making waves with future releases so be sure to stay tuned to TrueToo as we keep you up to date on all things hip hop.